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3 Accessories That Pair Perfectly With A Little Black Dress

Every girl has a little black dress hanging in her closet. If you don’t have one, you need one STAT! The reason little black dresses are so popular is because they pair easily with accessories to create different looks in a flash. Even if your dress isn’t black, these tips can be applied to any solid color dress or skirt you may wear in the future.

Statement Jewelry

Large accessories in bold colors are a great way to liven up a simple dress. Think about necklaces and bracelets that feature geometric shapes, metallic hues like gold and silver, or vibrant primary colors that you wouldn’t normally wear, like solid red or yellow.

Fun Tights

Do you love brightly colored or patterned tights but always worry that they’ll clash with the rest of your outfit? A solid black, gray, or brown dress is the perfect canvas for such a bold move. It’s also a great way to stay warm in cold weather without sacrificing your style.

Bold Belts

If you want to add a splash of something special to your plain Jane dress, a cool belt is the absolute easiest solution. Whether it’s wide or narrow, sequined or animal print, a belt is pleasing to the eye and can also help create a slimming effect on your waist!



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