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Activewear for Your Active Outdoor Life

It’s the time of year where the sun is rising earlier, the afternoons are warming, and the fresh air is just begging for you to get outside after a winter of exercising indoors. Take your workout outside!  

Canadian researchers found that incorporating outdoor exercise into your routine makes it significantly easier to stick with your workouts and helps to keep your mind focused.  You will feel happier from the increased vitamin D during your run in the sun or relaxed by the sound of waves as you practice yoga on the beach.  

It can be hard to fit exercise into a busy life schedule but consider these ways to do so.  

1. Take time from your lunch break and try doing some bodyweight exercises.  You’ll come back to work more alert and ready to kick the afternoon energy slump.  

2. Go straight to your favorite bike trail after work. You will find yourself with more sustained energy.  

3. Find a beach volleyball meetup. The extended workouts on the beach help build secondary stabilization muscles, contributing to your overall health.       



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