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Impress During Wedding Season with the Perfect Cocktail Dress

Wedding season means time to party and celebrate with your friends and family.  But when the invitation comes stating that the attire is casual, dressy casual, or formal, do you know what to wear?  The variety in women’s clothing can make it difficult to know what to wear and find just the right outfit.  This guide will help you decode the confusion and make sure you show up ready to shine.

Black Tie Affair

A black tie affair means dress for an elegant evening wedding.  A full-length evening gown or elegant cocktail dress will do the trick.  Remember for a black tie event, keep the length of your cocktail dress to the knee and no shorter.  

Typically, pick dark or neutral tones and dress it up with the perfect accessory. 

Formal Dress

Formal attire indicates that your date could still wear his tuxedo or nice dark suit and you can still wear a full-length dress.  But you can never go wrong with your little black dress for a formal affair.  Add on your favorite pair of heels that pop. Make sure to check with the bride or other friends attending on the appropriate length for the wedding.

Beach Formal Fun

Break out the sundress for this wedding!  When the wedding invite suggests beach formal, dress for the elements of sun and sand.  Consider knee-length summer dresses that have some elegant flair and pair it with fun, strappy sandals.

Semi-Formal or Dressy Casual

Probably the most difficult type of wedding to dress for is the semi-formal wedding. When the invite says semi-formal or dressy casual, you know the bride wants to provide an elegant environment but still have a fun and casual environment.  Your cocktail dress can fall a little shorter, perhaps mid-thigh, and venture into lighter colors for a daytime wedding.




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