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Cozy & Comfy

As the weather gets colder, we become more and more obsessed with soft & cozy knits.
One can't help but to dream about snuggling up in bed, or next to a fireplace, in some sweater knit leggings and an oversized pullover.
We're here to make all your cozy dreams come true with our newly arrived favs.

1. Waffle Knits

Waffle knits are having a major moment here at Irene's Story because of all its lovely characteristics! They're great for layering, offer great texture to your outfit, and they've got good stretch!


2. Lacey Bralettes

Nothing says comfort like Wireless Bralettes!
If you're like the general female population, you love to go bra-less in as many situations as possible. Bralettes offer a bit of coverage without the discomfort of a standard bra-- they're super cute too!


3. Comfy Bottoms

We LOVE soft pants. We'd trade in our skin-tight denim for some loose and flowy bottoms any day! Our bottoms essentials have got to follow the following two criteria: super-super soft & can easily be worn in public.



We can't hide it, we're obsessed with all things cozy & comfortable!
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