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Here's why we're obsessed

If you're a fashionista who isn't afraid to stand out with a daring outfit, this one's for you. Here's why we're obsessed with our Obsessed Blouse:   1. Femme Florals It's printed in a sophisticated, hand-sketched floral print. We love colorful and bright floral prints for the Spring and Summer, but when it comes to Autumn-Winter fashion, we take cues from the dramatically changing leaves and go for a more romantic type of floral.  2. Chic Silhouette Believe us when we say this blouse is flattering on every body shape. The babydoll/peplum hem is definitely trending, and looks so good on! The sleeves flare out, so it's super comfortable too.  3. Lacey Details If you've got a quick eye, you'd have...

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Cozy & Comfy

As the weather gets colder, we become more and more obsessed with soft & cozy knits.One can't help but to dream about snuggling up in bed, or next to a fireplace, in some sweater knit leggings and an oversized pullover. We're here to make all your cozy dreams come true with our newly arrived favs. 1. Waffle Knits Waffle knits are having a major moment here at Irene's Story because of all its lovely characteristics! They're great for layering, offer great texture to your outfit, and they've got good stretch!   2. Lacey Bralettes Nothing says comfort like Wireless Bralettes!If you're like the general female population, you love to go bra-less in as many situations as possible. Bralettes offer a bit...

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A Minimalist Approach

Why the change? Why introduce a new era of Irene's Story online shopping? Well, times are changing and we're taking the steps to evolve and bring the best of the best to the table.We're bringing you a modern take on online shopping.Shopping can be a very impersonal experience, and we want to change that.We want to share with you our story and our journey. Our goal for our homepage is to make shopping enjoyable and intriguing. We want all of our #irenesgirls to be a part of a community, where we share ideas, inspirations, and our favorite looks of the season. With that said, we also want to refrain from clutter. As we all know, in a millennial's world, everything...

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Irene's Story | Epilogue

Epilogue | ep·i·logue a concluding part added to a literary work, as a story or novel. As we prepare for the opening of our new store, we're reminded by and reflect on our identity as Irene's Story.Irene's Story started over 10 years ago by a woman who appreciates the little things in life and finds joy in curating pieces that will inspire women to feel confident enough to be themselves. On November 9th, 2017, Irene will be arriving to the Citadel Outlets in the city of Commerce, CA. We're thrilled to open yet another store for all of our special and valued customers. With the location and setting in mind, we're opening a different type of Irene's Story store. That's right, we're finally opening an outlet store! Our goal as a company is to...

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Closet Essentials for Fall

The Autumn season has got to be one of our favorite seasons by far. We get so excited when the leaves brown and the air turns crisp. We also get ecstatic when new Fall fashion comes around. We've seen all the latest and greatest fashion trends for Fall and we're obsessed with how it all looks, but we don't want to overlook the essentials that we absolutely NEED for Fall. Here are a few Closet Essentials you need in your wardrobe to tie all your trendy styles together: 1. The Coat We believe it is absolutely essential that you have the perfect coat this season. Why? Because it's chic and sophisticated, allows you to look totally put together (when sometimes...

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