Activewear for Your Active Outdoor Life

It’s the time of year where the sun is rising earlier, the afternoons are warming, and the fresh air is just begging for you to get outside after a winter of exercising indoors. Take your workout outside!  

Canadian researchers found that incorporating outdoor exercise into your routine makes it significantly easier to stick with your workouts and helps to keep your mind focused.  You will feel happier from the increased vitamin D during your run in the sun or relaxed by the sound of waves as you practice yoga on the beach.  

It can be hard to fit exercise into a busy life schedule but consider these ways to do so.  Take time from your lunch break and try doing some bodyweight exercises.  You’ll come back to work more alert and ready to kick the afternoon energy slump.  Go straight to your favorite bike trail after work.   You will find yourself with more sustained energy.  Find a beach volleyball meetup.  The extended workouts on the beach help build secondary stabilization muscles, contributing to your overall health.       

Irene’s Story makes it easy to grab your yoga mat and toss it into our Rio Tote on your way to the beach or throw on your pair of Turnout Leggings for your daily run around the park.  Even throw on your Mesh Back Sports Bra to go practice soccer with the kids after school.  Our activewear is designed for movement, functionality, and style.  Show us your favorite workout clothing in action with #irenesstory on Instagram!    

Impress During Wedding Season with the Perfect Cocktail Dress

Wedding season means time to party and celebrate with your friends and family.  But when the invitation comes stating that the attire is casual, dressy casual, or formal, do you know what to wear?  The variety in women’s clothing can make it difficult to know what to wear and find just the right outfit.  This guide will help you decode the confusion and make sure you show up ready to shine.

Black Tie Affair

A black tie affair means dress for an elegant evening wedding.  A full-length evening gown or elegant cocktail dress will do the trick.  Remember for a black tie event, keep the length of your cocktail dress to the knee and no shorter.  

Typically, pick dark or neutral tones and dress it up with the perfect accessory.  Our Matchstick Lariat Necklace pairs perfectly with any solid print cocktail dress and top it off with your favorite black pumps.

Formal Dress

Formal attire indicates that your date could still wear his tuxedo or nice dark suit and you can still wear a full-length dress.  But you can never go wrong with your little black dress for a formal affair.  Add on your favorite pair of heels that pop or a cute black heeled bootie to show your personal style.  Make sure to check with the bride or other friends attending on the appropriate length for the wedding.

Beach Formal Fun

Break out the sundress for this wedding!  When the wedding invite suggests beach formal, dress for the elements of sun and sand.  Consider knee-length summer dresses that have some elegant flair and pair it with fun, strappy sandals.

Semi-Formal or Dressy Casual

Probably the most difficult type of wedding to dress for is the semi-formal wedding. When the invite says semi-formal or dressy casual, you know the bride wants to provide an elegant environment but still have a fun and casual environment.  Your cocktail dress can fall a little shorter, perhaps mid-thigh, and venture into lighter colors for a daytime wedding.  Our Evie Wrap is the perfect example of a dressy casual option for a summer wedding.




3 Styles Of Women’s Shoes That Are Perfect For A Spring Vacation

Packing for vacation can be stressful, especially you’re trying to avoid outrageous checked bag fees. Fitting everything you need into a carry-on bag means making some tough decisions about what to bring and what to leave behind. When it comes to women’s shoes, the rule of thumb is no more than three pairs. That way, you can have enough style and color combinations to go with every outfit in your bag. Here are three styles we recommend for your spring trip:

Strappy Sandal

What’s better for fun in the sun than a cute strappy sandal? These shoes are both comfortable and don’t take up much space in your bag, which makes them a must for your Spring trip. You can go with a simple Two Band sandal in a neutral color, or go with something fancier like a Gladiator sandal that ties all the way up your calf.

Comfy Walking/Running Shoe

Even if you don’t plan on doing much walking or running, you need to pack a comfortable shoe that’s appropriate for both activities. There’s nothing worse than going on a walking tour, or hoofing it through the airport, in shoes that are pinching your feet.

Platform Heel

No vacation is complete without a fancy dinner, and some cute platform heels are the perfect shoe to bring along for the experience. Even though they look dressed up, the large, stable heel makes walking easier on your legs and back.

Getting excited for your upcoming trip? Browse our extensive selection of women’s shoes to make sure you have the exact footwear for an unforgetable getaway!

3 Accessories That Pair Perfectly With A Little Black Dress

Every girl has a little black dress hanging in her closet. If you don’t have one, you need one STAT! The reason little black dresses are so popular is because they pair easily with accessories to create different looks in a flash. Even if your dress isn’t black, these tips can be applied to any solid color dress or skirt you may wear in the future.

Chunky Jewelry

Large accessories in bold colors are a great way to liven up a simple dress. Think about necklaces and bracelets that feature geometric shapes, metallic hues like gold and silver, or vibrant primary colors that you wouldn’t normally wear, like solid red or yellow.

Feisty Tights

Do you love brightly colored or patterned tights but always worry that they’ll clash with the rest of your outfit? A solid black, gray, or brown dress is the perfect canvas for such a bold move. It’s also a great way to stay warm in cold weather without sacrificing your style.

Bold Belts

If you want to add a splash of something special to your plain Jane dress, a bright belt is the absolute easiest solution. Whether it’s wide or narrow, sequined or animal print, a belt is pleasing to the eye and can also help create a slimming effect on your waist!

Now that you know exactly how to style your little black dress, check out our wide selection of accessories to complete your look!

4 Wonderful Advantages of Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses, usually defined as an informal ankle-to-floor length dress, are certainly one of the most fun dresses to shop for. They’re a perfect dress for Los Angeles when you want to wear something comfortable while not overexposing your skin. So, why are maxi dresses such a perfect option for so many occasions?

They’re Comfortable and Airy: When it’s hot out, maxi dresses are the perfect way to cover your legs and keep them out of the sun. At the same time, the flowing nature of the dress lets your legs remain cool.

Formally Informal: Some occasions require you to look nice while still looking just a little bit dressy. While maxi dresses are informal, they still allow you to retain some a level of modesty on your bottom half.

The top half, on the other hand, is all up to the dress you choose! Perhaps you need cap sleeves to cover your bra straps, or maybe you’ll go bra-less. This leads us to one of the maxi dresses biggest advantages...

Variety: There’s an incredible amount of variety in maxi dresses. No matter your shape, whether it’s slim or full, there’s a maxi dress that will complement your size.

You Get To Wear Comfortable Shoes: Because of the ankle- or floor-length nature of the maxi dress, coupled with its informal nature, most shoes you’ll be wearing will be flat and comfortable. High heels aren’t really something that goes with maxi dresses, though if you want to retain your height you might wear platform shoes.

We’ve got an amazing collection of maxi dresses, so be sure to check them out today!


How To Choose Women’s Skirts That Flatter Your Body Type

Spring is almost here and that means it will soon be skirt season! Shopping for women’s skirts is a great way to celebrate the warmer weather, but how do you know which will look best on your body type? There’s more to choosing a perfect skirt than deciding on length and color. Sometimes what we like on the hanger just doesn’t look right when we try it on. The cut of the skirt can go a long way toward flattering your figure --or not--depending on which style you choose.

Before browsing through our collection of women’s skirts, take a moment to familiarize yourself with the most common body types as well as the different styles of skirts that will be popular this season. Common body types include: Banana (hips and bust are approximately the same size); Apple (shoulders are broader than hips); Pear (hips are wider than shoulders); and Hourglass (shoulders and hips are approximately the same size, with a narrower waist in the middle). Take a look in the mirror and see what body shape is looking back at you. Don’t worry about what you don’t see, focus on the assets you do see!

Once you’ve identified your body type, simply choose the style of skirt that flatters it best. Mini skirts flatter the banana body type, while flouncy, high-waisted skirts flatter the Apple shape. Pear-shaped bodies look great in A-line skirts, while the structure of a pencil skirt looks amazing on the Hourglass figure. Browse our collection of dresses and skirts to find one that looks great on you!

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*Size conversions may vary for each individual and may not fully match the conversions
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